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Take control of your tax career

Concentrate on driving your tax career yourself and ensuring that you can determine what tax job would be the best role for you. You can get yourself a new job, but how do you determine what would be the best for you? As you start to think about a new role work your way through the steps below to help you visualise the best job for you.

What should you do when you think you have had a bad interview?

The Tax Recruitment Company will ensure that you are as prepared as possible for an interview and can offer lots of useful hints and tips.
However, we do hear from our candidates that they felt an interview went really badly and they wish that they could do it again.  Nerves get the better of people or an unexpected question can put candidates off for the rest of the interview.
If you feel that your interview went badly here is our advice on what you should do next

How digitalisation is helping many leading UK tax professionals

With the potential for substantial growth in tax advisory services over the next few years, accountancy firms need to take advantage of the benefits of digital solutions. Our article explores how digitalisation is positively helping many leading UK tax professionals

Tips to help you get through busy periods at work!

As we all know tax jobs can regularly involve intense and long hours, creating a long-term lack of rest. At times like this, we all need practical tips for surviving and thriving whilst still being fully committed. Here are some strategies that we think can help.

How to prepare for important meetings, interviews and presentations

How to prepare for important meetings, interviews and presentations    All tax professionals will face times in their careers where they have a really important presentation, meeting or interview, it is really helpful to be physically prepared for these, in order...

Potential new tax job – is it the right one for you?

Potential new tax job - is it the right one for you? Many tax specialists feel that they don't need to actively look for a new job as the job will come to them. In some cases that may prove to be true – but will it be the right job for you? Will it be the best job you...

IR35 – has your exposure to risk been increased?

IR35 - has your exposure to risk been increased? The original off-payroll working rules for medium and large business in the private sector (IR35) were introduced in 2000.  The rules were in place to ensure that individuals who are working like employees, but who...

20 Top Tips for Tax Professionals

20 Top Interview Tips for tax professionals.TOP TEN BEST THINGS THE TAX RECRUITMENT COMPANY BELIEVE WILL HELP YOU SHINE AT YOUR INTERVIEW 1 - Walk in to the accountancy firm with energy and enthusiasm 2 - Look the part – always look smart reflecting the high quality...

Behaviour or example based interviews – Situation, Action, Result

Behaviour or example based interviews -  Situation, Action, Result One of the most common interview styles today and the one we at The Tax Recruitment Company recommend to our accountancy firm clients is to ask interviewees to provide examples of where they have...

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