Behaviour or example based interviews –  Situation, Action, Result

One of the most common interview styles today and the one we at The Tax Recruitment Company recommend to our accountancy firm clients is to ask interviewees to provide examples of where they have demonstrated certain behaviours, skills etc. You might be asked to talk about a time where you have had to make unpopular decisions, deal with difficult tax clients, made decisions under time pressure etc.

Step 1
Think about what behaviours this tax role will need, your tax knowledge will be taken as given but what about the behaviours that will mean you will excel as a tax manager or tax leader in that accountancy firm

Step 2
Identify at least one example of when you have demonstrated each behaviour – remember it can be in your private life as well as your working life. However, make sure that you have some examples from your most current tax role.

Step 3
Prepare the story for each example – we recommend using the Situation-Action-Result model for your story. So, what was the situation (be concise), what action did you take and why, what was the result (make sure it was positive).

Step 4
Practice telling the story – yes out loud!

How can we at The Tax Recruitment Company help you?

The Tax Recruitment Company can advise you on key behaviours that our accountancy firm clients say they are looking for in their tax professionals. However, if this is something you want further confidence in why not book one of the mock interview video sessions we offer at The Tax Recruitment Company, our experienced interview coach will concentrate on these types of questions and provide focused one to one feedback.

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